EDF – Ireland’s Low Cost Dog Fences

Are you looking for a Cheap & Safe Electric Dog Fence for your home?

Well we have 10 of the best electric dog fences available on the Irish market.

We will be launching our product range shortly on this website, so please be sure to come back to us in the July 2015 once we are ready to launch the new electric dog fence website.
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With a huge array of dog fences to choose from:

  • Buy direct from us and we guarantee the best price
  • Service, advice, upgrades – We can also take trade ins!
  • Nationwide delivery – Direct to your door all within 72 hours
  • We have the best customer service in Ireland

We have a number of dog products that are used for containing dogs both large and small.

To date we have sold 1000’s of electric dog fence systems all across Ireland

The system we uses a buried wire to create an “invisible fence” around your garden, keeping your dog safely contained and away from dangerous areas, such a ponds, as well as out of flower beds or kids play areas.

EDF - Ireland's Low Cost Dog Fences

Dog Fencing Kit Contents

  • Control Unit
  • Collar strap
  • 200m Wire
  • 50 Flags
  • UL adapter
  • Lightweight collar unit
  • Different sized probes for long/short haired dogs
  • Installation Manual
  • Training Manual

Dogs love to be taken for walks, they also love to have company – but most of all they love attention –  getting an electric dog fence is a great way for everyone to enjoy being outside and sharing the garden. love your dog get them the best gift that everyone will enjoy.

EDF - Ireland's Low Cost Dog Fences