Its coming to that time of year again, so remember a Dog is not Just for Christmas.

Around half of the animals were returned to their original owners, although just under 15,000 needed to be rehomed and, despite the efforts of councils and animal charities, it is claimed 4,231 had to be put down.


When dogs are found roaming freely they are usually taken to local kennels. If they are not claimed by their owners within a certain period – usually a week – the kennel will try to find them a new home.


The findings should remind those thinking about getting a pet of the saying ”a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, warned Madeline Pike, a veterinary nurse at Direct Line Pet Insurance.


“We urge anyone considering buying a dog for themselves or someone else this Christmas to think carefully beforehand and ensure they are able to care for it.”


A stray dog is seized every 10 minutes in the UK, with councils forced to put down thousands of the animals when they cannot be reunited with their owners or rehomed.


Remember Folks please please don’t take on a dog unless you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself in to, a dog will bring you years of companionship so make sure that you realise the pro’s and cons of getting a dog.

Love your Dog always and always treat it with love and respect.